What does catechism mean?

catechism meaning in General Dictionary

A form of instruction by means of concerns and answers

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  • a number of concern place to a person (such a political prospect) to elicit their views
  • an elementary guide summarizing the maxims of a Christian faith; written as questions and responses
  • A form of training in the form of concerns and answers.
  • A book containing a directory of principles, especially of spiritual doctrine, paid off on form of concerns and responses.

catechism meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, "instruction in Christian maxims," in addition "elementary question-and-answer guide of religious instruction," from French cat

Sentence Examples with the word catechism

It was held in 1642 under the presidency of Peter of Mogila, and a formulary of the Orthodox creed was drawn up. An answer to the Lutheran Catechism of Heidelberg (translated into Rumanian and printed at Fogaras in 1648) was also prepared by Bishop Varlaam.

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