What does catamaran mean?

catamaran meaning in General Dictionary

A kind of raft or float consisting of several logs or pieces of wood lashed together and relocated by paddles or sail used as a surf boat and for various other purposes on the coasts regarding the East and western Indies and south usa changed types are a lot utilized in the lumber regions of North America and also at life saving channels

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  • a boat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck
  • A kind of raft or float, consisting of a couple of logs or pieces of timber lashed together, and relocated by paddles or sail; -- utilized as a browse vessel as well as for other purposes on the coasts of this East and Western Indies and South Usa. Modified kinds are much used in the lumber elements of the united states, as well as life-saving programs.
  • Any vessel with double hulls, whether propelled by sails or by steam; esp., one of a course of double-hulled pleasure boats remarkable for rate.
  • A kind of fire raft or torpedo bat.
  • A quarrelsome girl; a scold.

catamaran meaning in Etymology Dictionary

East Indies log raft, 1670s, from Tamil kattu-maram "tied timber," from kattu "tie, binding" + maram "wood, tree."

catamaran meaning in Sports Dictionary

A maneuver for the reason that two skaters on two individual boards sit laterally and facing one another, and support the two ends of one's own panels while putting their particular foot to their companion's panels. (sport: Skateboarding)

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  • A twin-hulled yacht who has its two hulls presented together parallel to one another by a bridge deck. (recreation: Yachting)

Sentence Examples with the word catamaran

The catamaran and the reed boat were known to the Peruvians.

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