What does catalpa mean?

catalpa meaning in General Dictionary

A genus of United states and East Indian trees which the best understood species will be the Catalpa bignonioides a large decorative North American tree with spotted white plants and lengthy cylindrical pods while the Catalpa speciosa of Mississipi area labeled as additionally Indian bean

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  • tree of the genus Catalpa with large leaves and white plants followed by lengthy slender pods
  • A genus of American and East Indian trees, that the best know types are the Catalpa bignonioides, a large, decorative North American tree, with spotted white flowers and long cylindrical pods, while the C. speciosa, regarding the Mississipi area; -- called additionally Indian bean.

catalpa meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1740, from an American Indian language associated with the Carolinas, possibly Creek (Muskogean) /katalpa/, literally "head-wing."