What does catalogue mean?

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To make a list or catalogue to place in a catalogue

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  • A list or enumeration of names or articles arranged systematically often in alphabetical order as a catalogue of the pupils of an university or of books or of this performers
  • make a catalogue, compile a catalogue
  • a novel or pamphlet containing an enumeration of things
  • an entire a number of things; usually organized methodically
  • make an itemized list or catalog of; classify
  • an inventory or enumeration of names, or articles arranged systematically, usually in alphabetical purchase; as, a catalogue for the students of an university, or of books, or associated with movie stars.
  • In order to make a listing or catalogue; to place in a catalogue.

catalogue meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., from Old French catalogue "list, list" (14c.), and straight from belated Latin catalogus, from Greek katalogos "a listing, register, enrollment" (including the katalogos neon, the "catalogue of vessels" in the "Iliad"), from kata "down; entirely" (see cata-) + legein "to state, matter" (see lecture (letter.)).

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  • 1590s, "to create a catalogue;" see catalogue (n.). From 1630s as "to get into a catalogue." Associated: Catalogued; cataloguing.

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Sentence Examples with the word catalogue

Etheridge, jun., compiled the large Catalogue of Blastoidea in the British Museum, 1886; O.

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