What does cataleptic mean?

cataleptic meaning in General Dictionary

with respect to or resembling catalepsy impacted with catalepsy as a cataleptic fit

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  • of or having characteristics of or impacted with catalepsy
  • you struggling with catalepsy
  • regarding, or resembling, catalepsy; affected with catalepsy; as, a cataleptic fit.

cataleptic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, from Late Latin catalepticus, from Greek kataleptikos, from kataleptos (view catalepsy). The noun definition "one impacted by catalepsy" is from 1851.

Sentence Examples with the word cataleptic

Could we assume that there is in the adult man reflex machinery which is of higher order than the merely spinal, which employs much more complex motor mechanisms than they, and is connected with a much wider range of sense organs; and could we assume that this reflex machinery, although usually associated in its action with memorial and volitional processes, may in certain circumstances be sundered from these latter and unattendant on them - may in fact continue in work when the higher processes are at a standstill - then we might imagine a condition resembling that of the somnambulistic and cataleptic states of hypnotism.

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