What does catafalque mean?

catafalque meaning in General Dictionary

a short-term construction occasionally used in the funeral solemnities of eminent individuals the general public convention associated with the remains or their particular conveyance towards host to burial

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  • a decorated bier upon which a coffin rests in state during a funeral
  • a short-term construction sometimes utilized in the funeral solemnities of eminent people, the community convention regarding the stays, or their conveyance to your place of burial.

catafalque meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1640s, from French catafalque (17c.), from Italian catafalco "scaffold," from Vulgar Latin *catafalicum, from Greek kata- "down" (see cata-), found in Medieval Latin with a sense of "beside, alongside" + fala "scaffolding, wood siege tower," a term reported to be of Etruscan source. The Medieval Latin term also yielded Old French chaffaut, chafaud (Modern French

Sentence Examples with the word catafalque

Dean tried to ignore Edith Shipton's body as he passed the temporary catafalque erected in his office.

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