What does catacomb mean?

catacomb meaning in General Dictionary

A cave grotto or subterraneous place of big level useful for the burial regarding the dead commonly when you look at the plural

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  • an underground tunnel with recesses where systems had been hidden (like in old Rome)
  • A cave, grotto, or subterraneous host to huge extent utilized for the burial of dead; -- generally into the plural.

catacomb meaning in Etymology Dictionary

generally catacombs, from Old English catacumbas, from belated Latin (400 C.E.) catacumbae (plural), originally the spot of underground tombs involving the second and 3rd milestones regarding the Appian Way (where in actuality the bodies of apostles Paul and Peter, and others, were said to were set), origin obscure, maybe when a suitable title, or dissimilation from Latin cata tumbas "at the graves," from cata- "among" + tumbas. accusative plural of tumba "tomb" (identify tomb). If so, the phrase possibly was altered by influence of Latin -cumbere "to lay." From exact same supply are French catacombe, Italian catacomba, Spanish catacumba. Extended by 1836 in English to any subterranean receptacle regarding the dead (as with Paris). Associated: Catacumbal.

Sentence Examples with the word catacomb

Stevenson, since dead, discovered in 1896 a small subterranean basilica in the catacomb of Santi Pietro e Marcellino on the Via Labicana, with pious acclamations on the plaster similar to those in the Papal crypt in St Calixtus.

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