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1. Becoming as stealthy as a cat and a ninja combined.2. a home cat with dedicated its life on ninja lifestyle.3. a ninja whom wears cat ears. It is often said that long, long ago, a young boy who was but only 9 yrs . old, witness the gruesome and intense murder of his beloved moms and dads by the " Hell Hounds" a global road gang/mafia/bad men...poor little boy discovered himself wondering on the lonely and terrifying roads.whenever something....Something unbelievable occurred !a large A big a huge black pet with a ninja mask and a scratch about it's remaining eye with gray spiky hair has had that son and desided to improve him like certainly one of its own.9 many years have past since then...the younger man has eventually become a man and has now already been taught and trained because of the black colored cat which at the end made the son end up being the very first ever before Cat Ninja, afterwards, the cat ninja swore which he will discover the Hell Hounds and destroy every last one of those....and therefore he performed