What does cat blood mean?

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CAT BLOODSTREAM! There was previously a pastor of a now defunct church into the south, their title ended up being Louis Lamonica (feel free to google that name). Ol' Louis liked to place the rape on the kiddies regarding the members of his congregation. Not being a catholic priest he had to spice it slightly and made a decision to simply take a cat and cut it really is mind down and put the blood throughout the kiddies as he among others molested the holy ghost correct regarding them. He screwed all of them, he made them screw both, and then he made 'em screw your dog also! really anyways, he walks into a police division, confesses, after which is amazed that they arrest him... in addition to being completely all messed up in beginning this slang term has come to indicate the rape of one thing. It may also mean somebody was going nuts. and will be used as a noun to spell it out your friend. Not too he engaged in son or daughter rape or crimes against nature, but he's a total suspect and may be viewed yet. Utilize it as an Interjection or exclamation in addition, that will truly set the mood at a party or anywhere the sensation strikes you.