What does casuistry mean?

casuistry meaning in General Dictionary

The research or doctrine of dealing with instances of conscience of fixing questions of correct or wrong in conduct or identifying the lawfulness or unlawfulness of exactly what a man can do by rules and maxims attracted from Scriptures from rules of community or the church or from equity and natural explanation the application of general moral rules to particular instances

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  • argumentation this is certainly specious or exceptionally delicate and designed to be misleading
  • moral philosophy based on the application of general honest principles to eliminate ethical problems
  • The research or doctrine of dealing with cases of conscience, of resolving concerns of right or wrong in conduct, or deciding the lawfulness or unlawfulness of exactly what a person can perform by principles and concepts attracted from the Scriptures, from the guidelines of community and/or church, or from equity and natural explanation; the application of basic ethical guidelines to particular instances.
  • Sophistical, equivocal, or untrue reasoning or training in regards to obligations, obligations, and morals.

casuistry meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

learn of instances of conscience and an approach of resolving conflicts of obligations by making use of general principles of ethics, faith, and ethical theology to specific and tangible situations of real human conduct. This usually demands a comprehensive knowledge of natural law and equity, civil law, ecclesiastical precepts, and an excellent skill in interpreting these different norms of conduct. It is needed to determine the degree of guilt and duty and consider all of the conditions associated with situation, especially if you take into account all the problems impacting motive and consent. -- J.J.R.

Sentence Examples with the word casuistry

Whether systematic training can do anything to make the attainment of this balance easier is a question that has lately engaged the attention of many educational reformers; and whatever future casuistry may still have before it would seem to lie along the lines indicated by them.

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