What does casuistic mean?

casuistic meaning in General Dictionary

Of or with respect to casuists or casuistry as casuistic thinking

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  • of or regarding or practicing casuistry
  • of or regarding the usage of ethical maxims to solve moral problems
  • Alt. of Casuistieal

casuistic meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

Adjective; regarding casuistry and casuists, or associated with situation histories, especially cases of conduct. In a depreciative good sense, sophistical and misleading. -- J.J.R.

Sentence Examples with the word casuistic

Becket's opposition rested upon a casuistic interpretation of the canon law, and an extravagant conception of the dignity attaching to the priesthood; he showed, moreover, a disposition to quibble, to equivocate, and to make promises which he had no intention of fulfilling.

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