What does casual mean?

casual meaning in General Dictionary

a person who receives relief for per night in a parish to which he cannot belong a vagrant

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  • Happening or coming to pass without design and without being foreseen or expected accidental fortuitous coming by chance
  • happening on a short-term or unusual foundation
  • without or appearing to be without plan or technique; offhand
  • happening or appearing or designated by opportunity
  • characterized by a feeling of irresponsibility
  • normal and unstudied
  • befitting ordinary or routine events
  • marked by blithe unconcern
  • perhaps not showing work or strain
  • hasty and without attention to information; maybe not thorough
  • taking place or visiting pass without design, and without being foreseen or anticipated; accidental; fortuitous; coming by chance.
  • Coming without regularity; periodic; incidental; because, casual expenses.
  • a person who receives relief for every night in a parish that he doesn't belong; a vagrant.

casual meaning in Legal Dictionary

adj. determining something which takes place by chance, without having to be foreseen, or informally. Including "informal" work or employment, which is some one employed to do an activity simply because he/she had been offered by as soon as. "Casual laborer" holds the implication your laborer does not are part of a union and therefore the manager as well as the laborer will not pay appropriate fees regarding wages compensated.

casual meaning in Law Dictionary

That which happens accidentally, or is brought about by causes unknown ; fortuitous; the result of chance. Lewis v. Lofley, 92 Ga. 804, 19 S. El 57.

casual meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., "at the mercy of or made by opportunity," from center French casuel (15c.), from Late Latin casualis "by possibility," from Latin casus "possibility, celebration, opportunity; accident, event" (see case (n.1)). Of people, into the feeling of "not to ever be depended on, unmethodical," it is attested from 1883; meaning "showing insufficient interest" is from 1916. Of clothes, "informal," from 1939. Associated: Casually.

Sentence Examples with the word casual

It was one thing to ask casual questions of Giddon's daughter.

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