What does castigate mean?

castigate meaning in General Dictionary

To punish by stripes to chastise by blows to chasten also to chastise verbally to reprove to criticise seriously

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  • inflict severe discipline on
  • censure severely
  • To penalize by stripes; to chastise by blows; to chasten; additionally, to chastise verbally; to reprove; to criticise severely.
  • To emend; to fix.

castigate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from Latin castigatus, previous participle of castigare "to improve, set right; cleanse; chastise, discipline," from castus "pure" (see caste) + agere "doing" (see act (letter.)). The notion behind the phrase is "make somebody pure by fixing or reproving him."If thou didst put this soure cool habit to castigate thy pleasure, 'twere really. [Shakespeare, "Timon" IV.iii (1607)] Relevant: Castigated; castigating; castigator; castigatory.