What does castellated mean?

castellated meaning in General Dictionary

Inclosed within a building as a fountain or cistern castellated

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  • having or resembling duplicated square indentations like those who work in a battlement
  • Inclosed within a building; because, a fountain or cistern castellated.
  • Furnished with turrets and battlements, like a castle; built in the type of a castle.

castellated meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"furnished with turrets and battlements," 1670s, from Medieval Latin castellatus "built like a castle," past participle of castellare "to fortify as a castle," from Latin castellum "fort" (see castle (letter.)). Related: Castellation.

Sentence Examples with the word castellated

High, with twenty-eight arches, which extends from the railway station, a castellated building on part of the site of the old castle, to a considerable distance beyond the river.

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