What does caste mean?

caste meaning in General Dictionary

among the genetic courses into which the Hindu are split in line with the regulations of Brahmanism

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  • personal standing or place conferred by a system considering course
  • (Hinduism) a hereditary social course among Hindus; stratified based on ritual purity
  • a social course separated from other individuals by distinctions of hereditary ranking or profession or wealth
  • in certain social insects (eg ants) a literally distinct person or selection of individuals specialized to execute specific functions within the colony
  • the genetic courses into that your Hindoos are divided in accordance with the rules of Brahmanism.
  • a different and fixed order or class of people in culture whom mainly hold sexual intercourse among on their own.

caste meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1550s, "a competition of men," from Latin castus "chaste," from castus "stop, divided; pure" (via thought of "cut-off" from faults), previous participle of carere "is cut off from" (and about castration), from PIE *kas-to-, from root *kes- "to cut" (cognates: Latin cassus "empty, void"). Originally spelled cast in English and later usually combined with cast (letter.) in its additional good sense "kind, type, design." Application to Hindu personal teams ended up being acquired by English in Asia 1610s from Portuguese casta "breed, race, caste," early in the day casta ra

Sentence Examples with the word caste

Amar Das preached the doctrine abrogation of caste distinctions, and his precepts were implicitly followed by his successors.

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