What does castaway mean?

castaway meaning in General Dictionary

Of no price refused useless

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  • one that or what is cast away or shipwrecked
  • a shipwrecked person
  • a person who is declined (from society or residence)
  • one that, or that which, is cast away or shipwrecked.
  • one that is ruined; person who makes ethical shipwreck; a reprobate.
  • Of no price; declined; worthless.

castaway meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 15c., "one who is declined," from the spoken phrase (c.1300, literal and figurative), from cast (v.) + away (adv.). Particular sense "one adrift at ocean" is from 1799. The adjective is very first recorded 1540s.

Sentence Examples with the word castaway

Besides, now and then such unaccountable odds and ends of strange nations come up from the unknown nooks and ash-holes of the earth to man these floating outlaws of whalers; and the ships themselves often pick up such queer castaway creatures found tossing about the open sea on planks, bits of wreck, oars, whaleboats, canoes, blown-off Japanese junks, and what not; that Beelzebub himself might climb up the side and step down into the cabin to chat with the captain, and it would not create any unsubduable excitement in the forecastle.

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