What does cassowary mean?

cassowary meaning in General Dictionary

a sizable bird associated with the genus Casuarius based in the eastern Indies it really is smaller and stouter compared to ostrich Its mind is armed with a type of helmet of horny substance composed of dishes overlapping both and has now several long razor-sharp spines for each wing which are used as defensive organs It is a shy bird and operates with great rapidity various other species inhabit brand new Guinea Australia etc

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  • big black flightless bird of Australia and brand new Guinea having a horny mind crest
  • a sizable bird, regarding the genus Casuarius, found in the eastern Indies. Its smaller and stouter compared to ostrich. Its mind is equipped with a kind of helmet of horny material, comprising plates overlapping both, and contains several long sharp spines for each wing that are used as protective body organs. Its a shy bird, and works with great rapidity. Various other types inhabit New Guinea, Australian Continent, etc.

cassowary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, via French or Dutch, from Malay kasuari.

Sentence Examples with the word cassowary

The Papuan bow is rather short, the arrows barbed and tipped with cassowary or human bone.

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