What does casserole mean?

casserole meaning in General Dictionary

A small round dish with a handle frequently of porcelain

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  • food prepared and offered in a casserole
  • huge deep dish for which food may be cooked and supported
  • A small round meal with a handle, usually of porcelain.
  • A mold (in the form of a hollow vessel or incasement) of boiled rice, mashed potato or paste, baked, and afterwards filled with veggies or animal meat.

casserole meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1706, "stew pan," from French casserole "sauce pan" (16c.), diminutive of Middle French casse "pan" (14c.), from Tested

casserole meaning in Cooking Dictionary

This term describes both a baking meal while the components it has. Casserole cookery is incredibly convenient due to the fact components tend to be cooked and offered in identical dish. 1. A "casserole dish" often means a deep, round, ovenproof container with manages and a tight-fitting cover. It can be glass, material, ceramic or any other heatproof material. 2. A casserole's ingredients can include beef, veggies, beans, rice and whatever else that may appear appropriate. Usually a topping such as for instance cheese or bread crumbs is included for texture and flavor.

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  • [French] a meat, seafood and/or veggie dish that is prepared and supported in the same cooking pot.

casserole - French to English


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  • saucepan

Sentence Examples with the word casserole

He munched on a leftover casserole some thoughtful neighbor had donated to poor hero Fred and was about to doze when the telephone startled Mrs. Lincoln from his lap.

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