What does casing mean?

casing meaning in General Dictionary

The work or process of inclosing in or addressing with a case or thin compound as plaster boards etc

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  • the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire
  • the housing or outer covering of some thing
  • the enclosing framework around a door or window-opening
  • of Case
  • of money
  • The act or procedure for inclosing in, or addressing with, a instance or thin substance, as plaster, boards, etc.
  • another covering, for protection or ornament, or even to precent the radiation of temperature.
  • An inclosing frame; esp. the framework around a door or a screen. See Case, n., 4.

casing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1570s, "activity of fitting with an instance," spoken noun from situation (v.). Meaning "a covering" is from 1839.

Sentence Examples with the word casing

Of these methods one of the chief is the plan of tubbing, or lining the excavation with an impermeable casing of wood or iron, generally the latter, built up in segments forming rings, which are piled upon each other throughout the whole depth of the water-bearing strata.

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