What does cashmere mean?

cashmere meaning in General Dictionary

A rich things for shawls scarfs etc initially built in Cashmere through the soft wool discovered under the locks associated with the goats of Cashmere Tibet and also the Himalayas Some cashmere of top quality is richly embroidered for sale to Europeans

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  • the wool of this Kashmir goat
  • an area in southwestern Asia whoever sovereignty is disputed between Pakistan and Asia
  • a soft fabric made from the wool of Cashmere goat
  • A rich things for shawls, scarfs, etc., originally built in Cashmere from the smooth wool found beneath the tresses associated with goats of Cashmere, Thibet, as well as the Himalayas. Some cashmere, of top quality, is richly embroidered on the market to Europeans.
  • A dress material made of good wool, or of good wool and cotton fiber, in replica associated with initial cashmere.

cashmere meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, "shawl manufactured from cashmere wool," from the old spelling of Kashmir, Himalayan kingdom where wool had been acquired from long-haired goats. As a name with this particular woolen textile, preferred for shawls, etc., its attested from 1822.

Sentence Examples with the word cashmere

Katie asked, lifting a cashmere sweater.

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