What does cashier mean?

cashier meaning in General Dictionary

To discount or discard to discharge to dismiss with ignominy from military solution or from a workplace or place of trust

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  • a person who has cost of money a cash keeper the officer who's got charge of payments and receipts moneys checks notes of a bank or a mercantile business
  • discard or do away with
  • release with dishonor, such as the army
  • a worker of a bank which gets and will pay on cash
  • an individual in charge of obtaining repayments for goods and services (like in a shop or restaurant)
  • person who features fee of money; a cash keeper; the officer who may have cost of this repayments and receipts (moneys, inspections, records), of a bank or a mercantile organization.
  • To discount or discard; to discharge; to dismiss with ignominy from army service or from a workplace or host to trust.
  • to place away or decline; to disregard.

cashier meaning in Law Dictionary

n officer of a moneyed Institution, or commercial house, or lender, that is intrusted with, and whose duty it's to take care of, the cash or cash of such organization or lender. The cashier of a bank is the executive officer, through who the whole monetary operations of the bank are performed. He obtains and pays on its moneys, accumulates and pays its debts, and gets and transfers its commercial securities. Tellers alongside subordinate officials can be appointed, however they are under their path, and tend to be, since it had been, the hands wherein designated portions of his numerous features tend to be released. The directors may limit his authority while they deem appropriate, but this will maybe not impact those to whom the restriction had been unknown. Merchants' Nat. Bank v. State Nat. Bank, 10 Wall. G50, 19 L. Ed. 100S.

cashier meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"person in control of cash," 1590s, from Middle French caissier "treasurer," from caisse "money field" (see cash (letter.)). The instant source of the English term might be Middle Dutch kassier.

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  • "dismiss," 1590s, from center Dutch casseren, kaseeren "to cast-off, discharge," from French casser "to discharge, annul," from Late Latin cassare "annul," from Latin cassus "void, bare" (see caste (n.)). Associated: Cashiered; cashiering.

cashier meaning in Business Dictionary

a member of staff which manages the economic deals of a business. In many circumstances, a cashier works right at a cash register, ringing up the consumer's expenditures and collecting their payment. Cashiers are located practically everywhere a person should buy an item, including supermarkets, restaurants, and retail stores.

Sentence Examples with the word cashier

In 1855 he removed to Chicago, served for three years as bookkeeper in a planing-mill, and in 1858 entered the banking house of the Merchant's Loan and Trust Company, of which he was cashier in 1861-1868.

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