What does cash register mean?

cash register meaning in General Dictionary

a computer device for tracking the total amount of cash obtained usually having an automatic adding machine and a cash drawer and displaying the quantity of the purchase

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  • a cashbox with an adding device to join up deals; found in shops to add up the costs

cash register meaning in Law Dictionary

economic deal calculator, usually digital. Is made from an entry keyboard, possibly a scanner, a drawer design to put up different denominations of report and money cash, and a printer to present both the seller and purchaser a duplicate of this exchange, existing registers have the ability to process credit card deals, verify individual checks, track inventory, as well as other features.

cash register meaning in Business Dictionary

digital camera always determine monetary transactions. Most money registers contain a keyboard which is used to input entries, a scanner of some kind, a drawer which is used to put on cash, and a printing unit for receipts. Because of the advancement of technology, money registers are able to do a wide variety of extra features including credit card handling, individual check confirmation, and stock tracking.

Sentence Examples with the word cash register

The Mad river is made to furnish good water-power by means of a hydraulic canal which takes its water through the city, and Dayton's manufactures are extensive and varied, the establishments of the National Cash Register Company employing in 1907 about 4000 wage-earners.

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