What does cash book mean?

cash book meaning in Law Dictionary

Details of all cash gotten and money given out. You need to have a different money book/section for every bank account. A journal in which a small business's money product sales and acquisitions are entered. A cash guide could also be used to record the transactions of a bank account.

cash book meaning in Business Dictionary

Journal for which all cash receipts and payments (including bank deposits and distributions) are recorded very first, in chronological order, for publishing to general ledger. Cash book is regularly reconciled utilizing the bank statements as an interior auditing measure. In larger organizations, its commonly divided into two parts: (1) money disbursement diary in which all cash repayments (such as for instance records payable, running expenses, petty money acquisitions) tend to be recorded, and (2) money receipts diary which all cash receipts (including reports receivable, money product sales, purchase of assets) are recorded.