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Puerto Rican title for a team of domestic buildings at affordable, usually paid because of the government. Title is offered is often because it is a team of "casas" or homes (therefore "case-rio") or after the word "caza" meaning searching, since these structures tend to be famous, especially in the metropolitan area and Ponce, for everyday shootings and killings between medicine dealers and mobsters. Though people surviving in "caserios" tend to be decent individuals who cannot manage to spend an even more high priced home or lease an aparment that could cost about $500 or maybe more each month because lack work or perform some make adequate, many have actually a small crowd whom own medicine dealerships (or "puntos de drogas") and within a caserio itself there may be several dealership which is the cause for day-to-day battles and shootings between competing groups. A caserio in Puerto Rico is comparable or equal to a ghetto in the United States, though ghettos could be significantly more dangerous, since caserios in areas outside San Juan metro area and Ponce don't have that much assault.

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Carnot seemed to be arriving at the zenith of popularity, when on the 24th of June 1894, after delivering at a public banquet at Lyons a speech in which he appeared to imply that he nevertheless would not seek re-election, he was stabbed by an Italian anarchist named Caserio and expired almost immediately.

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