What does case system mean?

case system meaning in General Dictionary

The system of training legislation where instruction is primarily a historical and inductive research of leading or selected cases with or without the usage of textbooks for reference and security reading

case system meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the method of learning legislation usually utilized in United states legislation schools, when the students study, outline (quick), talk about and hear lectures concerning the instances. Each instance provided stands for a specific rule of legislation into the subject matter covered and it is contained in "casebooks" on certain subjects (contracts, torts, unlawful legislation, constitutional legislation, agency, etc.). The system is advantageous because it relates the law to genuine and informative circumstances which aid students in memorization and encourages deductive reasoning. The outcome system is reinforced by textbooks and outlines on the subject matter, of previously the main types of discovering. The technique was introduced very first at Harvard in 1869 by professor Christopher C. Langdell and very quickly became standard.

case system meaning in Law Dictionary

the analysis associated with the legislation through study, perusing, researching and gaining understanding of cases being important.