What does case mean?

case meaning in General Dictionary

To propose hypothetical situations

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  • potential accident hap chance
  • to pay for or protect with or as with an instance to inclose
  • enclose in, or like in, an instance
  • look over, often using purpose to rob
  • a particular state of mind this is certainly temporary
  • a particular collection of situations
  • a person who is afflicted by experimental or other observational procedures; somebody who is an object of investigation
  • the amount contained in an incident
  • one requiring expert solutions
  • you of a specified sort (usually with several eccentricities)
  • an occurrence of some thing
  • a specific dimensions and style of kind within a type family
  • a declaration of realities and reasons used to help a quarrel
  • problematic requiring investigation
  • nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) associated in some way with other terms in a sentence
  • the actual condition of things
  • an enveloping framework or covering enclosing an animal or plant organ or part
  • the enclosing frame around a door or window opening
  • the housing or exterior covering of anything
  • (printing) the receptacle where a compositor features his type, which will be divided into compartments for the various letters, rooms, or numbers
  • bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow
  • a glass container always shop and show things in a shop or museum or home
  • a transportable container for carrying a few items
  • an extensive term for proceeding in a court of law wherein a person seeks a legal treatment
  • A box, sheath, or addressing; as, an incident for holding products; a case for spectacles; the truth of a watch; the way it is (pill) of a cartridge; an instance (address) for a book.
  • A box and its own contents; the amount within a box; as, a case of products; a case of devices.
  • A shallow tray divided in to compartments or "boxes" for keeping kind.
  • An inclosing framework; a casing; since, a door situation; a window situation.
  • a little fissure which admits liquid to the functions.
  • To cover or protect with, or as with, an incident; to inclose.
  • To strip skin from; since, to case a box.
  • Chance; accident; hap; possibility.
  • That which befalls, comes, or takes place; a conference; an instance; a situation, or all of the conditions; condition; state of things; affair; because, an unusual instance; an instance of injustice; the situation associated with Indian tribes.
  • A patient under therapy; an instance of vomiting or damage; since, ten instances of fever; additionally, the history of an ailment or damage.
  • The things of-fact or problems taking part in a suit, as distinguished from questions of law; a match or action at law; a cause.
  • among the types, or the inflections or changes of kind, of au000du000a noun, pronoun, or adjective, which suggest its regards to otheru000du000a words, plus the aggregate constitute its declension; the relationu000du000a which a noun or pronoun sustains to another word.
  • To recommend hypothetical cases.

case meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. quick for a factor in action, lawsuit, and/or right to sue (as in "does he have an incident against Jones?"). Additionally, it is shorthand for reported choices (appeals, particular decisions of federal process of law and special courts for instance the income tax court) which is often mentioned as precedents. Thus, "in the truth of Malarkey v. Hogwash Printing business, the courtroom reported the guideline as…."

case meaning in Names Dictionary

Bringer of comfort.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

case meaning in Law Dictionary

1. A broad term for an action, cause, match, or controversy, at legislation or in equity; a question contested before a judge of justice; an aggregate of realities which furnishes celebration for exercise of jurisdiction of a court of justice. Smith v. Waterbury, 54 Conn. 174, 7 Atl. 17 ; Kundolf v. Thalheimer, 12 N. Y. 596; Gebhard v. Sattler, 40 Iowa, 156.

case meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 13c., "what befalls one; situation," from Old French cas "an event, occurring, situation, quarrel, test," from Latin casus "the opportunity, event, possibility; accident, mishap," virtually "a dropping," from cas-, past participle stem of cadere "to fall, sink, subside, drop, perish" (used commonly: associated with the environment of heavenly figures, nov Troy, suicides), from PIE root *kad- "to lay out, fall or make fall, yield, break up" (cognates: Sanskrit sad- "to fall down," Armenian chacnum "to fall, be low," maybe also center Irish casar "hail, lightning"). The notion becoming "that which drops" as "what happens" (compare befall). Indicating "instance, example" is from c.1300. Meaning "actual state of affairs" is from c.1400. Provided extensive extended and transported sensory faculties in English in-law (16c.), medication (18c.), etc.; the grammatical sense (belated 14c.) was in Latin. U.S. slang meaning "person" is from 1848. In the event "in the function" is recorded from mid-14c. Situation record is from 1879, initially medical; example "research of a certain instance" is from 1879, initially appropriate.

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  • "receptacle," early 14c., from Anglo-French and Old North French casse (Old French chasse "instance, reliquary;" modern-day French ch
  • "enclose in an instance," 1570s, from situation (n.2). Related: Cased; casing. Meaning "examine, inspect" (usually prior to robbing) is from 1915, United states English slang, perhaps through the thought of providing a spot a look on all edges (compare technical case (v.) "protect the outside of a building with a unique material," 1707).

case meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Law: (1) appropriate action, proceeding, or suit. (2) Argument put forward in a legal proceeding. 2. Medicine: Episode or instance of infection or damage; or a particular pair of symptoms, their prognosis, and cure. 3. Packing: Non-standard term for a shipping or trading container, it typically means a steel or wooden package of every dimensions. 4. Trading: Standard few things or bundles sold as a product.

case - French to English

field [on an application]

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  • compartment [in a drawer]
  • hut

Sentence Examples with the word case

He insisted on leaving the vehicle at my disposal in case I needed it.

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