What does carving mean?

carving meaning in General Dictionary

The work or art of one who carves

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  • a sculpture produced by removing material (as timber or ivory or stone) in order to develop a desired shape
  • eliminating parts from tough material to produce a desired pattern or form
  • generating numbers or styles in three measurements
  • of Carve
  • The act or art of one who carves.
  • a bit of attractive work cut-in stone, lumber, or any other product.
  • The whole body of decorative sculpture of any kind or epoch, or in any material; because, the Italian carving for the 15th century.

carving meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, spoken noun from carve.

carving meaning in Sports Dictionary

Process when the upper skiing is seriously edged inward in the entry to a turn, with the skier's fat put well forward on that ski. This maneuver flattens the arch of the ski and enables the curve created by the tip together with waisting associated with internal side to track along its natural distance. (sport: Skiing - Alpine Skiing)

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  • Making a wide tum without the wheels sliding sideways. (sport: Skateboarding)

carving - German to English

carve change

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  • carving

Sentence Examples with the word carving

Ornamentation was in carving and in colour, the latter far more effectively used than in Middle America.

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