What does cartwheel mean?

cartwheel meaning in General Dictionary

to perform a cartwheel2

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  • the kind of wheel applied to a cart it typically features wooden spokes and a metal rim
  • do cartwheels: do an acrobatic movement using both hands and feet
  • a wheel which have wood spokes and a steel rim
  • a buck manufactured from silver
  • acrobatic revolutions aided by the body turned laterally while the arms and legs outstretched just like the spokes of a wheel

cartwheel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "wheel of a cart," from cart (n.) + wheel (letter.). Indicating "lateral somersault" is recorded from 1861; as a verb from 1907. Relevant: Cartwheeled; cartwheeling.

cartwheel meaning in Sports Dictionary

A complete inverted part ways wheel of human anatomy to a straight rhythm count of four. A gymnast will press her hands and roll the woman mind downward on floor before lifting both feet in to the air and landing on the floor with both feet together. (sport: ladies' Gymnastics)

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  • A sideways moving element from foot to 1 hand to another hand to foot with the legs in an extensive position. (sport: guys's Gymnastics - Floor Exercise)