What does carton mean?

carton meaning in General Dictionary

Pasteboard for report cardboard boxes additionally a pasteboard field

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  • the amount contained in a carton
  • a package manufactured from cardboard; opens up by flaps over the top
  • Pasteboard for report bins; additionally, a pasteboard field.

carton meaning in Law Dictionary

light package or container, typically one made of waxed cardboard or synthetic where drinks or foodstuffs are packaged.

carton meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1816, from French carton "pasteboard" (17c.), from Italian cartone "pasteboard," augmentative of Medieval Latin carta "paper" (see card (letter.)). Initially the materials for making report containers; extended 1906 into containers themselves. As a verb, from 1921.

carton meaning in Business Dictionary

Light paperboard folding package (made from a kind of paperboard eg boxboard or cartonboard) that holds several items of product particularly cereal, cigarettes, toothpaste, etc. Not intended as a shipping container, a carton will not usually satisfy bursting power and stacking strength demands.

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carton - French to English

carton [milk etc]

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  • pasteboard
  • cardboard
  • cardboard field

Sentence Examples with the word carton

Fred had emptied the carton and spread the contents on the office floor.

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