What does cartilaginous mean?

cartilaginous meaning in General Dictionary

Of or regarding cartilage gristly firm and tough like cartilage

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  • of or relating to cartilage
  • hard to chew
  • Of or related to cartilage; gristly; firm and tough like cartilage.
  • getting the skeleton into the condition of cartilage, the bones containing little or no calcareous matter; stated of specific fishes, because the sturgeon and sharks.

cartilaginous meaning in Urban Dictionary

Having a structure of cartilage. Discovered this in 4th AND the other day in 6th quality people!Sharks haven't any bone tissue, only cartilage.

cartilaginous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1540s, from French cartilagineux and directly from Latin cartilaginosus, from cartilago (genitive cartilaginis) "cartilage, gristle" (see cartilage).

Sentence Examples with the word cartilaginous

Its upper extremity embraces the lower surface of the cartilaginous ear-conch; its lower end reaches the level of the inferior margin of the mandible, along the posterior margin of which it is placed.

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