What does carte blanche mean?

carte blanche meaning in General Dictionary

A blank report with a person's trademark an such like at the end directed at another individual with authorization to superscribe exactly what problems he pleases For this reason Unconditional terms limitless authority

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  • complete freedom or authority to behave
  • A blank report, with someone's signature, etc., on base, provided to someone, with authorization to superscribe exactly what problems he pleases. For this reason: Unconditional terms; unlimited authority.

carte blanche meaning in Law Dictionary

white sheet of paper; an instrument signed, but usually kept blank. A sheet fond of a realtor, using principal's signature appended, becoming full of any agreement or engagement once the agent often see fit. Thus, metaphorically, endless authority.

carte blanche meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1707, blank report, French, literally "white report" (see card (n.) + blank (adj.)); figurative sense of "full discretionary energy" is from 1766.

carte blanche meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Freedom or permission to select any alternative. 2. Signed document (such a blank check) that its holder can add on any amount, problem, day, etc. French for, blank card.

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carte blanche

Sentence Examples with the word carte blanche

You should never offer carte blanche to someone who just might take you up on it.

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