What does carrot stick mean?

carrot stick meaning in Urban Dictionary

stupid senior high school (generally speaking freshman) hoes with a severe instance of anorexia and a fake lime rub-on tan. they are usually for the area woman type and are frequently exceedingly stupid and easy. virtually breastless, too-young, and generally unattractive, they partake inside ritual of (reputational) self mutilation every spring, before summertime comes, and before homecoming and prom, to ensure their particular parents know to remind all of them with photo proof what carrot sticks their particular daughters had previously been. the plainest sign of frustration for personal acceptance, carrot sticks tend to be iconic sourced elements of laughter and hallway interruption while they find it difficult to contend with the reality that existence hates all of them.

carrot stick meaning in General Dictionary

a stick of carrot consumed raw