What does carrot mean?

carrot meaning in General Dictionary

An umbelliferous biennial plant Daucus Carota of many varieties

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  • deep tangerine delicious foot of the cultivated carrot plant
  • lime root; crucial source of carotene
  • perennial plant extensively cultivated as a yearly in lots of varieties for the lengthy conical lime edible origins; temperate and tropical regions
  • vow of reward as in
  • An umbelliferous biennial plant (Daucus Carota), of numerous varieties.
  • The esculent root of cultivated kinds of the plant, often spindle-shaped, and of a reddish yellow shade.

carrot meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, from Middle French carrotte, from Latin carota, from Greek karoton "carrot," most likely from PIE *kre-, from root *ker- (1) "horn, mind" (see horn (letter.)); so named for its horn-like shape. Initially white-rooted and a medicinal plant toward ancients, whom tried it as an aphrodisiac and to avoid poisoning. Maybe not entirely distinguished from parsnips in ancient times. Reintroduced in Europe by Arabs c.1100. The orange carrot, which existed perhaps since 6c., probably started as a mutation for the Asian purple carrot and was cultivated in to the modern-day delicious plant 16c.-17c. into the Netherlands. Hence the word is employed as a color name but not before 1670s in English, initially of red tresses.

carrot meaning in Cooking Dictionary

an associate for the parsley family members (Daucus carota); has actually lacy green foliage, an edible lime taproot with a milk sweet taste and sharp texture, a tapering form and is available in a variety of sizes.

Sentence Examples with the word carrot

I made the agreement with Zamon and then dangled the carrot in front of Darkyn.

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