What does carriage bolt mean?

carriage bolt meaning in General Dictionary

a form of bolt threaded just at the end opposite the head utilized mostly for fastening items of wood together and inserted into pre drilled holes

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  • a roundheaded bolt for wood; threaded along the main shank; inserted into holes currently drilled

carriage bolt meaning in Urban Dictionary

(noun, USA/SAE Standard) A bolt having a round head with a square, ribbed, or fluted supervisor underneath it. The event for the manager becoming to bite into wood to stop the bolt turning while the fan will be tightened.This term is actually, and incorrectly, considered interchangeable with "coach bolt", which can be UK/Australian slang for a lag bolt. This could seem a trivial inconsistency towards layman, it is a mixup that has cost innumerable businesses some huge cash and confused a wide array of men and women.One may do a fast test to find out whether something is a carriage bolt or lag bolt/lag screw: could it be driven (tightened) by its head or can only just peanuts be driven up it? In the event that former, it really is a carriage bolt, in the event that latter, it's <i>probably</i> a lag bolt.Origin: Old French <i>cariage</i>, from <i>carier</i> &#8216;carry&#8217;; bolt (unchanged), Old English. There's no trustworthy information as to whether the carriage bolt got its descriptor through make of carriages/coaches or whether 'carriage' is the undeniable fact that these types of a bolt is a load-bearing product.