What does carriage mean?

carriage meaning in General Dictionary

That which is held burden baggage

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  • a railcar where individuals drive
  • characteristic way of bearing one's body
  • a machine component that carries something different
  • a vehicle with tires drawn by one or more horses
  • a tiny automobile with four rims by which an infant or youngster is forced around
  • whatever is held; burden; baggage.
  • The act of carrying, moving, or conveying.
  • the purchase price or expense of holding.
  • whatever carries of conveys,
  • A wheeled vehicle for individuals, esp. one created for elegance and comfort.
  • A wheeled automobile carrying a set burden, as a gun carriage.
  • part of a device which moves and holds of aids various other moving object or component.
  • A-frame or cage for which some thing is held or supported; as, a bell carriage.
  • The manner of holding a person's self; behavior; bearing; deportment; personal ways.
  • The act or method of conducting steps or jobs;u000du000a administration.

carriage meaning in Law Dictionary

vehicle employed for the transport of persons either for pleasure or company, and drawn by horses or any other draught pets throughout the ordinary streets and highways for the country; excluding automobiles utilized exclusively upon railroads or street railroads expressly built the usage of such automobiles. Snyder v. North Lawrence, 8 Kan. 84; Conway v. Jefferson, 46 N. H. 520; Turnpike Co. v. Marshall, 11 Conn. 190; Cream City R. Co. v. Chicago, etc., R. Co., 03 Wis. 93, 23 N. W. 425, 53 Am. Rep. 267; Isaacs v. Railroad Co., 47 N. Y. 122, 7 Am. Rep. 41S. The work of holding, or a contract for transportation of persons or products. The contract of carriage is a contract for the conveyance of property, people, or messages from a single place to another. Civ. Code Cal.

carriage meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "act of holding, way of conveyance; wheeled vehicles collectively," from Anglo-French and Old North French cariage "cart, carriage, activity of transporting in a vehicle" (Old French charriage, contemporary French charriage), from carier "to carry" (see carry (v.)). Indicating "individual wheeled automobile" is c.1400; specific feeling of "horse-drawn, wheeled car for hauling people" first attested 1706; extended to railroad automobiles by 1830. Meaning "way of carrying the body" is 1590s. Carriage-house attested from 1761.

carriage meaning in Sports Dictionary

the word familiar with explain the posture and poise of a skater. (recreation: Figure Skating)

carriage meaning in Business Dictionary

holding, conveyance, transport of goods and/or men and women.

Sentence Examples with the word carriage

A carriage depot includes sheds in motive which the vehicles are stored, arrangements for wash- depots.

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