What does carrel mean?

carrel meaning in General Dictionary

identical to 4th Carol

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  • See Quarrel an arrow
  • French doctor and biologist just who created an approach to suture and graft arteries (1873-1944)
  • tiny specific study location in a library
  • See Quarrel, an arrow.
  • identical to 4th Carol.

carrel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "learn in a cloister," from Medieval Latin carula "tiny research in a cloister," that is of not known origin; perhaps from Latin corolla "little crown, garland," found in various senses of "ring" (for instance, a c.1330 description of Stonehenge: "

carrel - German to English

booth [carrel desk]

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  • carrel [cubicle]

Sentence Examples with the word carrel

The book was never finished, but the fragment he completed was published in 1808, and was translated into French by Armand Carrel in 1846.

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