What does carpentry mean?

carpentry meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., carpentrie, from Old French carpenterie, charpenterie "woodworking" (Modern French charpenterie), from Latin carpentaria (fabrica) "carriage-maker's (workshop);" see carpenter.

carpentry meaning in General Dictionary

the art of a carpenter: making things regarding timber

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  • the skill of cutting, framing, and joining wood, as with the building of buildings.
  • An assemblage of bits of timber linked when you're framed together, while the items of a roofing, floor, etc.; work carried out by a carpenter.

Sentence Examples with the word carpentry

IO 3.22 2 1901 in teaching carpentry and smithy-work to boys who never intended to be carpenters or smiths; but this misdirection of industry has since been remedied, and the industrial schools have been made the first stepping-stone towards a professional career.

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