What does carpenter mean?

carpenter meaning in General Dictionary

An artificer who works in timber a framer and builder of houses ships etc

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  • a woodworker who tends to make or repairs wood items
  • act as a carpenter
  • An artificer just who works in timber; a framer and builder of houses, vessels, etc.

carpenter meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"wood-worker," c.1300 (attested from early 12c. as a surname), from Anglo-French carpenter, Old North French carpentier (Old French and contemporary French charpentier), from Late Latin (artifex) carpentarius "wagon (manufacturer)," from Latin carpentum "wagon, two-wheeled carriage, cart," from Gaulish, from Old Celtic *carpentom (compare Old Irish carpat, Gaelic carbad "carriage"), most likely associated with Gaulish karros (view automobile). Additionally from the Late Latin term are Spanish carpentero, Italian carpentiero. Replaced Old English treowwyrhta, literally "tree-wright." German Zimmermann "carpenter" is from Old tall German zimbarman, from zimbar "wood for building, wood," cognate with Old Norse timbr (see timber). Very first record of carpenter bee is from 1844. A carpenter's guideline (1690s) is collapsible, suitable for holding inside pocket.

Sentence Examples with the word carpenter

The whole of the Andamans and the outlying islands were completely surveyed topographically by the Indian Survey Department under Colonel Hobday in 1883-1886, and the surrounding seas were charted by Commander Carpenter in 1888-1889.

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