What does carpal mean?

carpal meaning in General Dictionary

Of or related to the carpus or wrist

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  • any of the eight tiny bones for the wrist of primates
  • of or regarding the wrist
  • Of or related to the carpus, or wrist.
  • one of many bones or cartilages associated with the carpus; a carpale.

carpal meaning in Urban Dictionary

the sort of pimp slap that outcomes whenever you strike some one along with your carpal, yeah, like in the event that bottom of your palm (just above the wrist) strikes a subordinate's head

carpal meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"regarding the wrist," 1743, from Modern Latin carpalis, from carpus "wrist" (see carpus). Carpal tunnel problem attested by 1970, from carpal tunnel, the tunnel-like passage that carries nerves through wrist.

Sentence Examples with the word carpal

The ulna is curved and rather stout; it articulates with both carpal bones; the cubital quills often cause rugosities on its dorsal surface.

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