What does carousel mean?

carousel meaning in General Dictionary

a continuous buckle focused horizontally or near horizontally around a central construction driven in a circular movement by some mechanism which carries luggage delivered through the luggage hold of an airplane to atmosphere travelers made use of at airports

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  • a conveyer gear that holds luggage is claimed by environment travelers
  • a sizable, rotating machine with chairs for children to drive or enjoyment

carousel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"merry-go-round," 1670s, previous "playful tournament of knights in chariots or on horseback" (1640s), from French carrousel "a tilting match," from Italian carusiello, perhaps from carro "chariot," from Latin carrus (see car).A new and uncommon invencon knowne by the name of the royalle carousell or competition becoming framed and contrived with such machines since can not only pay for great pleasure to us and our nobility inside sight thereof, but enough training to all such innovative young men as want to learne the art of perfect horsemanshipp. [letter of 1673]

Sentence Examples with the word carousel

I feel like I'm on a carousel that won't stop but we have to slow it down.

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