What does carom mean?

carom meaning in General Dictionary

to create a carom

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  • a go when the basketball struck aided by the cue touches two or more balls on the table a hitting of a couple of balls aided by the people ball In The united kingdomt it really is known as cannon
  • rebound after striking
  • make a carom
  • a glancing rebound
  • a go in billiards where cue baseball contacts one object ball then one other
  • a go in which the baseball struck with the cue will come in contact with a couple of balls available; a hitting of several balls using the player's ball. In The united kingdomt its known as cannon.
  • to produce a carom.

carom meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1779, earlier carambole (1775), from French carambole "the purple ball in billiards," from Spanish carombola "the purple baseball in billiards," maybe initially "fruit of exotic Asian carambola tree," which is circular and orange and designed to resemble a red billiard baseball; from Marathi (south Indian) karambal. Initially a form of swing concerning the red basketball: If the Striker strikes the Red along with his Adversary's Ball together with very own baseball he played with, he wins two Points; which Stroke is named a Carambole, and for Shortness, a Carrom. ["Hoyle's Games Improved," London, 1779]

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  • 1860, from carom (letter.). Associated: Caromed; caroming.