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1. A person cursed with bad luck2. A material thing which can be cursed. 3. An obstacle to success. Origin: An urban legend which a person called Carlos Valencia toured the united states as one of the earth's greatest jugglers, in the late 19th century. One week, the circus program had been cancelled, and Carlos came house early simply to find out his partner during sex with another man- a man just who wore nothing excluding a black Fedora. Given that guy leapt from Carlos' sleep, and out of the house, his Fedora dropped into the floor. His spouse went after, and from that day on Carlos could never ever juggle once again. He'd toss the balls-up, but he could not keep in mind tips catch them. The circus fired him, and he rapidly destroyed their household. Legend has it, that to carry his pity, he lived the remainder of his days wandering the streets of a southern city, wearing only that Fedora. 1 day, many years later on, a person respected him on the street and stopped. It was a fire eater from the circus. The Guy stated, “Carlos. You seemed better without Fedora.” “No,” came the solemn answer. "Carlos," stated the veteran fire-eater, "Lose the Fedora." "No," arrived the reply. Then the fire-eater offered to choose the Fedora from him, but Carlos said, "it is not on the market sir. I am going to never ever allow this hat be donned by another guy, as that man will surely look much better than I.”