What does carkour mean?

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Carkour is a form of driving much like parkour.It requires a really comprehensive understanding of your vehicles limits and innerworkings eg equipment timings, speed, and aerodynamics.Elements of carkour include:- Parking dealing with outwards, into the area the shortest distance from your own destination.- Making a number of turns in order to prevent red lights of extra length (instance: right-turn, u-turn, right turn to bypass)- seeking the lane of traffic with all the the very least obstructions- Driving at or over the speed limitation, without exceptions, including bypassing dangers, and accelerating at a top price as required.Carkour can result in careless driving when practiced incorrectly at a newcomer degree, nevertheless a true carkour master will not endanger any persons safety while doing maneuvers. It is very difficult to argue the actual situation, but with a law officer, no matter what in-control of a vehicle you will be, and therefore careless driving infractions are not unlikely. For that reason, it's noted that carkour should simply be done with a car on uncrowded roads under perfect situations.