What does carious mean?

carious meaning in General Dictionary

Affected with caries rotting as a carious enamel

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  • (of teeth) affected with cavities or decay
  • Affected with caries; decaying; as, a carious tooth.

carious meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, from French carieux (16c.), from Latin cariosus "full of decay," from caries "rottenness, decay" (see caries).

Sentence Examples with the word carious

The uses of chloroform which fall to be mentioned here are: - as a counter-irritant; as a local anaesthetic for toothache due to caries, it being applied on a cotton wool plug which is inserted into the carious cavity; as an antispasmodic in tetanus and hydrophobia; and as the best and most immediate and effective antidote in cases of strychnine poisoning.

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