What does carillon mean?

carillon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1775, from French carillon, which, in accordance with French resources, is from Old French carignon "collection of four bells," an alteration of quarregon, from Vulgar Latin *quadrinionem, from Latin quaternionem "collection of four," from quater "four times," from PIE *kwetrus, from root *kwetwer- "four" (see four).

carillon meaning in General Dictionary

collection of bells hung in a bell tower

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  • playing a collection of bells that are (usually) hung in a tower
  • A chime of bells diatonically tuned, played by clockwork or by little finger keys.
  • A tune adapted to-be played by music bells.

carillon - French to English

chimes {pl}

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  • bells {pl} [church, belfry]
  • carillon

Sentence Examples with the word carillon

De Montmorency Laval, First Bishop Of Quebec, Brings Him Nearer To His Proper Themes, Which Are Found In Full Perfection In The Chant Du Vieux Soldat Canadien, Composed In 1856 To Honour The First French Man Of War That Visited British Quebec, And Le Drapeau De Carillon (1858), A Centennial Paean For Montcalm'S Canadians At Ticonderoga.

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