What does carelessness mean?

carelessness meaning in General Dictionary

the product quality or state of being careless heedlessness negligence inattention

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  • the quality of not being careful or using discomforts
  • failure to do something because of the prudence that a fair person would work out beneath the same conditions
  • the product quality or state to be careless; heedlessness; negligenece; inattention.

carelessness meaning in Law Dictionary

Negligence: failure to behave with all the prudence that an acceptable individual would exercise beneath the exact same conditions.

carelessness meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English carleasnes; see careless + -ness.

carelessness meaning in Business Dictionary

state, fact, or example of doing just what ought to not ever be performed or not performing what ought to be done, resulting from incaution. It might probably additionally suggest bad performance from inattention or sloppiness, or from indifference, laziness, or preoccupation.

Sentence Examples with the word carelessness

Further, owing to the carelessness of the Prussian negotiator, Napoleon was able to require the exaction of impossibly large sums from that exhausted land, and therefore to keep his troops in her chief fortresses.

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