What does careful mean?

careful meaning in General Dictionary

Full of attention anxious solicitous

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  • cautiously attentive
  • full of cares or anxiety
  • mindful into the future in spending-money
  • unhurried with care and dignity
  • working out caution or showing attention or interest
  • saturated in treatment; anxious; solicitous.
  • completing properly or solicitude; exposing to concern, anxiety, or trouble; painful.
  • using treatment; offering great heed; watchful; careful; provident; maybe not indifferent, heedless, or careless; -- usually accompanied by of, for, or perhaps the infinitive; as, careful of income; careful to accomplish appropriate.

careful meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English cearful "mournful, unfortunate," in addition "full of care or woe; nervous; full of issue" (for someone or something), hence "applying attention, painstaking, circumspect;" from care (n.) + -ful.

Sentence Examples with the word careful

More careful investigation, moreover, throws very considerable doubt on the possibility of the derivation of the priest's stole from the ancient neck-cloth (orarium) and of the diaconal stole from a napkin used in the liturgy.

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