What does career mean?

career meaning in General Dictionary

to maneuver or operate quickly

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  • a race-course the bottom go beyond
  • move headlong at high-speed
  • the particular career for which you are trained
  • the general development of your working or expert life
  • A race course: the floor stepped on.
  • A running; full-speed; an immediate training course.
  • General strategy or conduct in life, or perhaps in a particular component or calling in life, or perhaps in some special undertaking; often placed on course or conduct that will be of a public personality; as, Washington's job as a soldier.
  • The trip of a hawk.
  • to go or run rapidly.

career meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1530s, "a running (usually at full speed), a program" (especially of the sun, etc., over the sky), from Middle French carriere "road, racecourse" (16c.), from Old Established

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  • 1590s, "to charge at a tournament," from career (n.). The meaning "move quickly, operate at full speed" (1640s) is from image of a horse "passing a profession" in the jousting area, etc. Related: Careered; careering.

career meaning in Business Dictionary

The progress and activities taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially those regarding that person's occupations. A profession is generally consists of the jobs held, titles obtained and work achieved over a long time period, rather than just referring to one position. While workers in a few cultures and economies stick to one job throughout their job, there was a growing trend to employees altering tasks more frequently. For example, ones own job could include being an attorney, although person might work for a number of various corporations and in many different regions of law over an eternity. See additionally career ladder.

Sentence Examples with the word career

The fatality by which Hercules kills so many friends as well as foes recalls the destroying Apollo; while his career frequently illustrates the Delphic views on blood-guiltiness and expiation.

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