What does careen mean?

careen meaning in General Dictionary

To incline to one part or lay over as a ship whenever cruising on a wind becoming from the keel

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  • To cause a vessel to lean over to ensure she floats using one part making one other side off liquid and obtainable for fixes underneath the water-line to situation to-be off the keel
  • walk as if incapable of get a grip on one's motions
  • move sideways or perhaps in an unsteady way
  • pitching dangerously to at least one side
  • resulting in (a vessel) to slim over so that she floats on one side, making the other part out of water and accessible for repairs underneath the water line; to case becoming from the keel.
  • To incline to a single part, or lie over, as a ship when sailing on a wind; is from the keel.

careen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1590s, "to turn a ship on its part" (utilizing the keel subjected), from French cariner, virtually "to expose a ship's keel," from center French carene "keel" (16c.), from Italian (Genoese dialect) carena, from Latin carina "keel of a ship," initially "nutshell," perhaps from PIE root *kar- "hard" (see tough (adj.)). Intransitive feeling of "to lean, to tilt" is from 1763, particularly of boats; overall use by 1883. In feeling "to hurry headlong," mistaken for job (v.) since at the least 1923. [To position would be to go quickly; to careen is to lurch laterally (frequently while moving quickly).] Earlier in the day figurative utilizes of careen were "to-be laid up; to sleep." Associated: Careened; careening.

Sentence Examples with the word careen

His footing slipped, and Brady's heart dropped as he saw them careen closer to the edge.

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