What does carduelis mean?

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the kind genus of a subfamily Carduelinae of Fringillidae utilized in some classifications it provides the goldfinches for instance the United states goldfinch Cardulis tristis therefore the European goldfinch Carduelis carduelis siskins redpolls and linnets along with the typical northern cardinal Carduelis cardinalis also referred to as the cardinal bird

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  • in a few classifications considered the kind genus of a subfamily Carduelinae for the family members Fringillidae: goldfinches; siskins; redpolls; linnets

Sentence Examples with the word carduelis

Goldfink l), the Fringilla carduelis of Linnaeus and the Carduelis elegans of later authors, an extremely well-known bird found over the greater parts of Europe and North Africa, and eastwards to Persia and Turkestan.

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